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About The Realignment [Premium Podcast]

We live in an era of seismic cultural, economic, and political change at home and abroad. Join Marshall Kosloff and Saagar Enjeti as they navigate an emerging world where the old rules, expectations, and conventional wisdom no longer apply. 
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Realignment Discussion & Ask Me Anything: Saagar & Marshall on Why They Interview Politicians, Saagar's Engagement, and More...(Supercast Exclusive)
Realignment Q&A Mailbag: Does Davos/the World Economic Forum Matter, the Gilded Age and Today's Politics, Dungeons & Dragons, and Neocon Thoughts? (Supercast Exclusive)
Realignment Q&A Mailbag: The Return of Serious Politics? Speaker Drama and Realignments, ChatGPT, and more...(Supercast Exclusive)
Realignment Subscriber Q&A: Marshall and Saagar on American Dynamism, Ukraine's Offensive, Presidential Mid-Life Crises, and More...
Biweekly Supercast Listener Q&A: Responding to Binary Moments, Vibes vs. Policy, Marshall's Dad & Alex Epstein, Peter Zeihan's Worldview, and How to Ask Good Questions?
Biweekly Supercast Listener Q&A: Collapsing Institutions and Medicore Elites. How to Get Into Suits. What Are the Best Books on the Path to WW1? Do Blue State Migrants Bring Their Problems to Red States? And More....
Biweekly Supercast Listener Q&A: Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils, Saagar's Graduate School Advice, Peter Zeihan and the Blob, and More...

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