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Getting Young People to Vote

Young people and the kind of person who watches YouTubers usually don't vote. You understand the cynicism and despair behind that, but is there any way to get them to invest in politics so their concerns register? Obviously there are obstacles in their way, like primaries, meant to keep them out. David Foster Wallace even argued back in 2000 that making young people cynical was an establishment move to discourage the youth vote. But it seems like there's a doom spiral happening where their disinterest keeps them from being served, which keeps them from being interested, and helps keep politics broken.

Most contentious issue

What is the single specific issue Marshall and Saagar disagreed about most contentiously?

Single issue

Which single specific issue, one you disagree on, would each of you be most proud of convincing the other to agreed to?

Gas Cards?

Why couldn’t the government give people a debit card they can use on gas? In it’s most simple form, it could be just a regular debit card with a certain amount of money on it to be used at gas stations. What do you think about a system where people can apply for a government credit card, that then sends them a scheduled fuel bill with most of the cost covered by the government. So for example, if you spent $400 on gas on the card, you’d get a bill from the government for $100. It could also be means tested.

If not sanctions, if not war, then what?

Saagar and Krystal seem to be full bore on the train of sanctions against Russia was a bad idea, going to war with Russia would be a bad idea, putting troops in Ukraine would be a bad idea, allowing Ukraine into nato would be a bad idea, allowing Ukraine into the EU would be a bad idea. So what are THE good idea? It is easy to criticize, but what I don't hear is any kind of "If I were President, I would do this." or "The best option is xyz."