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Saagar's Graduate Studies

Hey guys, I greatly appreciate the work you all are doing! I wondered if Saagar could talk a little more about his graduate studies. I am finishing a master's program and am considering an additional graduate degree. My course of study is predominantly in national security/defense policy, and I would like to hear Saagar's perspective on his degree.

Go for the ink not the printer - Gun Control

Hi Marshal and Saagar, I am curious on your views on ammo regulations over gun regulation. The general concept is similar to printers, it's not the printer that kills your wallet it's the ink/toner. Why not just make ammo expensive / put a tax on it. Seems like a way easier sell to the public, and the actual dedicated gun users can make their own ammo that they area probably doing already.

Red flag laws

Hey guys, great Q&A sessions last week. One question I had for Saagar around his passionate takes on red flag laws their constitutionality. How does he square that with proposals from Michael Shellenberger or Andrew Yangs proposals to commit homeless people to institutions? Aren’t those laws subject to the same potential misuse? I can’t believe any society that criminalizes abject poverty or addiction can claim due process concerns.

Presidential Rank

Hey guys, I think similar to you both I am a 1992 baby. Right now it seems like Joe Biden will go down as the most ineffectual and perhaps worst president of my lifetime, which I feel like is saying something because I don't feel like I've had any notably good ones. So I'd be curious how you would rank the presidents since Clinton on from best to worst? What your criteria would be for making that determination? And do you think any of them rank in the top 10 or 20 in American history?

Audio podcast feedback. Mono audio please.

Marshal, it seems that your intro recordings are in stereo, which is a bit distracting to be completely honest. Not a huge deal, but it would be a less intrusive experience if they were mono like the rest of the show. Thanks!