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Roberts/RBG Question

Hi gents, I’ve heard you say that if RBG had retired pre-2016 election, the Dobbs court ruling would have set the national standard for abortion 16 weeks under Roe v Wade. Can you explain that a bit? I understand Justice Roberts wasn’t in favor of axing all of Roe, but if RBG had been replaced by a liberal justice, wouldn’t it have been a 5-4 decision in favor of Dobbs over Roe? Why would that not lead to the same place we are now? Thanks for reading, please excuse my ignorance! Really enjoy the show! It’s a breath of fresh air and I am learning a ton! - Pippa E.

Biden 2024

There have been many obvious comparisons between Biden and Carter this year. Do you think after 2024 we may be comparing him to McGovern?

Social Conservatives vs Social Libertarian

Hi guys, I am curious your thoughts on Social Conservatism in 2022, To me it seems more like Social Libertarianism than anything Conservative in values it is take as anti woke now. Example Portnoy is considered Socially Conservative but is Pro Choice.

USA Data Rights

Hi Marshall and Saagar, I work in IT and I was curious on both your views on data rights in the USA, would you like something similar to the EU with the GDPR? What would you want to see if anything? I feel as though so many people just hit "I agree" on the terms of service without actually knowing where or how their data is used.

A thought on Peter Leyden

After listening to Mr. Leyden's framework description of where he sees America going, I felt he over estimated loyalty to Democrats. He sets up well by listing everything the Republicans do wrong but then shrugs his shoulders and says Americans will just monolithically go to the Democratic party. I think a basic analysis of current popular ideas in both parties will show that whichever party is believed to support where the majority of Americans are culturally wins. This explains a lot of the changes in both parties and the backlash against historical party stances. I would love to hear further discussion on this.