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Good Books on Middle Eastern History?

Do you have any recommendations on Middle Eastern history? I'm trying to expand my knowledge of the region. I've read the Palestine Laboratory by Anthony Lowenstein, and I'm reading Letters To My Palestinian Neighbour by Yossi Klein Halevi. I have the audiobook of The Loom of Time by Robert Kaplan, and I also have On Saudi Arabia by Karen Elliott House. This feels like a start, but I have a feeling I'm still missing out on large chunks of the regions history.

White Collar vs Blue Collar Divide

I'm a millenial who worked in an office pre-pandemic, was in university from 2018-2024, and is now re-entering the office workforce after having received my university degree. The differences between the pre and post COVID office cultures are astonishing to me. Supervisors can be in charge of virtual teams dispersed geographically across a state or country, you're considered weird if you go into the office on Mon-Thurs-Fri, and almost all office jobs are hybrid. These conditions make an office job so comfortable that it barely feels like work at times. Meanwhile working class employees in warehouses, trades, food service, hospitality, etc. are unable to reap the benefits of post-COVID office culture changes. How will this divide in working conditions between white collar and blue collar professions impact politics, the economy, and social life in the coming years?

Graham Hancock

What are your thoughts on Graham Hancock’s lost civilization of the ice age theory, and his debate on the Joe Rogan podcast with archeologist Flint Dibble?

Rules for me but not for Trump

I'm curious on your guys' views on Elite's getting away with it. Donald Trump gets to ignore everything that applies to normal people. It completely ignores common sense and I do not understand how someone can rip into a judge the witnesses the judges family the the witnesses, the judges family, courtroom employees, and random people. Do his actions bother you? It just is starting to feel like he can get away with anything that normal people can't

He's a Kennedy

What does the Kennedy name matter when the rest of his family supports Biden? I was curious if you could go deeper on the "he is a Kennedy" and why it matters. Do you guys actually believe it matters? When I say does it matter I'm talking not in the political marketing sense I'm talking about him as a candidate.