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Did Israel save Russia?

From a geopolitical perspective Russia had already started to peel away global support with large countries becoming neutral (India, Brazil, etc). But it seems like Isreal has drawn so much global criticism from their Gaza operation, that Russia is not as much of a Pariah in comparison. What will be the long term implications of UN investigations into Isreal taking so much oxygen from the geopolitical debate at the expense of Russia v Ukraine?

Past Stories of Part Time Jobs

I thought I'd break up the denser, more serious policy questions with something more fun. Do either of you have any stories of summer jobs or part time jobs that you had when you were younger?

Great Power Competition in Africa

The issue of great power competition in Africa might make a good realignment episode in the future if you can find an author who has authoritative research on the topic. In the past you had an episode on the Congo, but the broader issue of how the US, Russia, China, and even powers like France are all competing for influence in the African continent is somewhat underappreciated for its importance. Especially considering the wealth of mineral resources, human capital, and sometimes oil resources in the African continent, which will be of keen interest to great powers.

Israel-Gaza Quagmire

John Mearsheimer had a recent talk on the current state of the Israel-Gaza War and explained in great detail how, in his view, the entire war has become a huge and impossible quagmire for Israel. Ending the war is impossible, permanently occupying Gaza is untenable, and destroying Hamas is also impossible. Meanwhile Hezbollah is attacking in the North, tensions with Iran are up, Israel's standing on the world stage is deteriorating. And pressure for a Palestinian state is starting to boil. What are the long term, end game scenarios for how this ends? What should America do? What should Israel do? Can Israel even form a coherent Gaza policy when it's still driven by a desire for revenge?

Saagar’s foreign policy view?

To Saagar: In a very early realignment show, you said you were anti-multipolarity because you preferred the U.S write the rules of the world like for example, being the only blue-watered Navy. But in the recent debate with Krystal, you said you were OK with the balance that comes with a multi-polar system. am I missing something or have you changed your mind in this foreign policy discussion? thanks! huge fan of show!