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How can I make sure you're getting your Bookshop money?

When I use the Realignment Bookshop, do I need to select a book from the lists you've curated for you to get 10%, or does it count it I use the search engine from that page to find a book?

Is Zeihan Right About Globalization?

Which of Zeihan's predictions about the future of globalization do you think are likely, just plausible, or downright unlikely? He also assumes that significant U.S. political change or reform is unlikely, and you've said you don't think it's possible in this climate. What do you think would need to change for reform to be possible and is there anything the average voter can to do encourage that? How bullish are you on the 20-year trajectory of the U.S.?

Pyramid Scheme

Been a listener since the beginning, and a subscriber since subscription was available. I’m hoping that the Realignment can maintain its original feel and intent, even as ya’ll become titans of media. Here’s my question: Religions push the for the population growth of their followers. Governments push for the population growth of their nations. Corporations push for the population growth of their workforce. Each of these pushes is marketed differently: nature’s calling, spreading the gospel, the American dream, etc. Why do I never hear anybody say this?: “These population growth campaigns are about adding bodies to the base of the pyramid so that those higher-up can benefit. And since everyone with a 3rd grade education knows that we live on a finite planet with finite resources, these campaigns are not only cynical but are also only considering the very near-term.” I’m not anti-natalist or anti-humanist. I guess I’m just trying to understand why this gigantic, literally earth-periling issue, isn’t discussed more. Josh in Oregon

Interview with Scott Ritter

I was wondering if you would reach out to Scott Ritter for an interview? He's a former US Marine intelligence officer and a UN weapons inspector who served in the Soviet Union implementing the INF Treaty and in Iraq where he tried (unsuccessfully) to warn the world that the Iraqis had no WMDs. I've listened to him on several other podcasts and found him to be a fascinating speaker who has a lot to say about the realignments that will occur throughout the world as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Whether you agree with his analysis or not, he definitely has a lot of relevant background and makes a strong case for his opinions. He has a new book that comes out in September ("Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union"), so the timing would be great. He can be found on Telegram at

How To Ask Good Questions?

Dear Marshall and Saagar, Hope ya’ll are well. I have been deeply educated and have gathered great benefits from listening to your work since the inception of the podcast. I thank you both for you work - across all your medians - and the service you two provide. Marshall, following you on the Realignment and Counterbalance, I admire and never cease to be impressed by your question asking. I am guilty of giving a fist pump every time the guest says something along the line of “that’s a great question”, “I’ve never thought of it like that”, or “I am really glad you asked that”, etc. Thus, my question for you is: what is your process for conjuring up questions? I imagine that a lot of it has to do with your skill of active listening, but can you share or provide any tricks or tips that have helped you become a better interviewer/host? Best, Travis R P.S. Saagar I’ve noticed from your instagram that your girl friend is from the philadelphia area. I was born and raised in the area as well. How do you like our community? If you ever need food recommendations I used to be a chef if the city and know all the good spots.