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Do you have any fictional book recommendations?

You guys have brought up and recommended literature to read many times on the show before but I don't think I've ever heard you mention fiction. I've been an avid consumer of sci fi for most of my life and didn't start getting into non-fiction until I hit my 30s. I'm curious if you guys read any fiction and where your tastes lie.

A podcast like mat and Shane with louis C. K

Would you guys be willing to sit down and do a podcast talking about your top 10 worst and top 10 best presidents and why they are good or terrible? I think it would be interesting to hear your opinions.

Foreign Policy Disasters

Marshall commented in an episode that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were the single worst foreign policy decisions in the history of the country. While I don't disagree, I think there's a strong case to be made for America's part in Vietnam War. Clearly both were disasters with many similarities, and we have more distance from the Vietnam War. Can you make a case why Afghanistan and Iraq will be worse for the US in the long term? Love the show!

What's Your Theory of Corporate Influence?

How would you describe, at a high level, your theory of how corporations do and don't influence politics? You've been critical of a simplistic take that everyone is corrupt and doing it for the money. At the same time, presumably corporations see some value in their spending on campaigns, PACs, and lobbying. How should people see corporate influence and what can be done to combat it? How can less corporate-friendly views and candidates gain a hearing without that money? Is there a useful role for corporate lobbyists and donations in a well-functioning version of our political system?

Opinion on Metric vs Imperial units of measure

While watching Saagar appear on "the Good Time Show with Aarthi and Sriram" I noticed a remark he made about having to learn the Metric system. It reminded me how much I dislike people who are high and mighty about metrics superiority. This is especially true when it come to temperature because I think fahrenheit is simply better. So what're y'alls thoughts on Metric and those who think the US should further adopt it?