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San Francisco Event

In the email titled "Back from Summer Break" Marshall wrote about the SF trip and a cyber / disinformation conference. Will this conference be broadcast to youtube or another website? Im a graduate student in DC and i cant attend in person, but would love to watch if i can! Thanks.

Do we vastly over estimate China?

I havnt heard you guys talk about this, but don't you guys find it ironic that China came up with the dark brandon stuff. They thought the dark brandon stuff would be a "own" to biden when in reality it's helped biden do a 180. We over estimated Russian ability (s400 is a joke) and I feel we are doing the same with China. We learned recently that Ukrainians who sunk the Russian ship were trained in USA and they had the harpoon missles tied onto a flatbed truck. Whenever saagar complains about us giving UKR too many javelins does he realize harpoon and anti missle weapons can be placed onto any moving vehicles in theory. Thanks for the time.

Ranked Choice Voting

In trying to explain ranked choice voting to my parents, I asked them to imagine if in 2016 they could have ranked their voting choices from 1-4 between Bernie, Hillary, Ted Cruz, and the Donald. I explained to them how candidates would be eliminated and votes recalculated until one candidate receives over 50% of the vote. Unfortunately, I was unable to convey to them how this system could have led to a different result. In your analysis, how do you think a showdown between these four would have played out with ranked choice voting? Of course this is complicated by the question of whether each round is decided by electoral vote or popular vote. Maybe popular vote since it's already a fairy tale. What do you think? Love the show, never change!

Ukraine war question

After the success of Ukraine's counteroffensive, would you agree that Russia faces a decision similar to the "troop surge" from the Iraq war? Bonus question: is there any useful comparison to the Tet Offensive in Vietnam?

A Discussion with a Neo Con

Have you guys ever tried to have Eli Lake on the pod? He has such a different view of the Iraq war than Saagar, it would be interesting having them discuss how they can have such different opinions on a major topic.