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Data cartels impacts on rent.

I recently read an article by Heather Vogel on ProPublica about how data companies in the real-estate market may have created a cartel, I would love to see y’all dive into the idea that one or two data companies can control markets though B2B relationships with 100’s if not 1,000’s of companies similar to what is being discussed in this article. Great show, while I get irritated with y’all some rounds I’m glad to hear thoughtful discussion even if I don’t agree.

Changing Each Other's Minds

What's an big thing you've each learned from the other and what's a way you've changed each other's mind on an important issue?

Inflation and the Fed

Could you go into what US policies helped end the inflation problem in the 70's? What lessons should we take away and how can they help us understand the current situation?

Why are you two so damn smart and handsome?

Good afternoon gentlemen, Why are you two so smart and handsome? Only half kidding. Love your content and just want you to know you are appreciated!! Thanks for all you do, Adam

NuScale Nuclear reactors

Since Europe is facing such a massive power shortage, and building or revamping nuclear plants will take years, why aren't we trying to ship NuScale Nuclear reactors to them. They are new, but they're small enough to get there, and modular enough to fit flexible needs. It just seems like a great option that is not being brought up.