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I'm curious what the demographics are for the realignment! Gender, age, political leanings etc. And what do you think about the realignment community?

Achieving Greatness

I was recently re listening to Saagar's Lex podcast and I really aligned with Saagar's wanting human greatness and it's never enough attitude. How do we get that mentality back into our world over the culture wars? What are some ideas you guys have about what's the next great human achievement is?


Hi Marshall, I recall you bringing up how there is no real consensus for what is next, and that is why we cant go forward. I am curious how you feel about that in 2023?

Interviewing Politcians

After listening to your interview of Vivek Ramaswamy, I do think you both did a good job of asking pressing questions, making him answer the questions, and being fair. But I also can't help but find interviews of politicians to be completely pointless overall; there's no analysis being done, we know all of their answers ahead of time, so what's the point? Do you plan on interviewing more politicians in the future? How do you feel about this? I think the audience would be interested to hear you flesh this out.

Fossil Fuels, Fertilizer, and Food

I've appreciated your content discussing the energy crisis, including a more thorough look into the difficulties eliminating fossil fuels and the future of nuclear power. Another topic that is less often discussed but equally important is the future of agriculture. I may not have this exactly right, but my understanding is that the soil in the all of the world's arable regions cannot sustain the output of foodstuffs required to feed the global population without being constantly replenished with nitrogen etc via fertilizer. The nitrogen used to make fertilizer comes almost exclusively from natural gas and results in carbon emissions. There is a movement going on to replace fertilizers derived from fossil fuels which has led to turmoil and famine in places like Sri Lanka just recently. Would you be interested in interviewing someone knowledgeable about the subject who can shed light on the challenges we are facing here and explain some of the better or worse outcomes we've seen so far and possible paths forward? Bonus points if they can also explain how we're going to deal with emissions from concrete/cement production.