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Cross Over pod with David Senra of Founders Pod?

Hey guys - Would you be able to do a cross over pod with David Senra of the Founders podcast? He's spent a lot of time reading about the late 1800s (Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, etc.) that I think would be interesting to interrogate from a political perspective. The more I think about it the more I agree with Marshall's framing that we're living in a time period similar to the 1890s not the 1920s/30s. With how deep David's knowledge is of the era, I think it would be a great pod to learn about how the robber baron's actually operated and if there are any comparisons to today, from both a business and political perspective. For example, at one point Rockefeller owned 5% of all wealth in the United States! That's at least 10x richer than Elon at his peak.

Incompetence is the real problem

As a convert from Texas republicanism into a raging libertarian moderate I feel like we spend far too much time talking about government policy and should instead focus on government execution. My whole life I have heard my now more conservative friends say I cant trust the government so gridlock and less taxes works for me. So isn't the real problem that government is not executing policy. How do we pivot to making government work better not specific policy prescriptions?

Lifetime membership

1. Thank you for bringing news that is actually for "We the people"! Much appreciated. 2. A Lifetime Membership is in reality a 10 year membership? 3. I am already a monthly member ✊🏻and I'd love to become a Lifetime Member, though frankly speaking $500 is a lot for me to pay all at once. It unfortunately is simply not possible for me. However is there any chance you guys could implement an alternative payment for a lifetime membership? For example, a smaller price tag per month for a set amount of months which will end up resulting in the $500, if not more, as I understand you do have a business to run!

Dungeons and Dragons OGL Thoughts?

Hi Guys, curious what your thought are on the latest D&D legal drama? On that note what nerdy hobbies if any are you guys into?

American History Content

Marshall & Saagar, I'm a huge fan of the show. I initially starting listening because of an interest in politics. But I think I ended up sticking around and subscribing because I appreciate the knowledge of history that you both bring to contextualize current events. That said, I'm curious if you two think that there is an open lane for more content about American history on YouTube/social media. As a history nerd, I'm always looking for good content on the subjects I'm interested in. But I'm not finding a lot of compelling stuff aside from Dan Carlin who is the man. Just finished Ron Chernow's bio on Washington and I feel like we need a YouTube channel devoted to understanding the legacy and world of the Founders and key players throughout history.