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The Realignment Audience

I've heard Saagar say how the BP audience is very diverse in option and views, I am curious how you guys view where the Realignment audience falls?

A re-centered conservatism

Hi Guys, Love the show. My question is that of whether or not we need a "re-centered conservatism"? meaning one that isn't too caught up in market fundamentalism, or radically traditional like the Sohrab Amari types? In the Early American Republic, the Federalist Party was conservative, yet Hamiltonian policies such as industrial policy, a national bank, and tariffs were main policy. Likewise, Lincolnian values mirrored much of the Hamiltonian vision, yet modernized it in a sense that it could be considered much more (culturally/classically) liberal in certain areas in that time period, such as antislavery and natural rights. Would a re-centering economically, and socially, such as One-Nation Conservatism or Hamiltonian conservatism, be appropriate today, with values such as democracy, nationalism, a strong economy and supporting families and community be the way forward? Thanks.

How to best retain information from reading

Thanks for all of the book suggestions. I not only listen to episodes to see whether I will check out the book but I will also come back to that episode after having read the book. This seems to increase my capability of retaining information and that is what my question centers on. I currently use a strategy that combines note-taking major takeaways and talking about what I’ve read with friends and family. Yet I am curious if you guys have any tips that have helped you personally with retaining information and then employing it effectively in discussion and writing.

Modern day homefront

I was listening to a podcast about WW1 and they started talking about the homefront. If there was a major US war now do you think there would be pushback from manufacturers/businesses/etc? I'm sure that back in the day there was some, but I feel like there would be more entitlement now. Also in a related topic, Saagar had mentioned previously in discussions about semiconductors that if Taiwan was invaded the government would be requisitioning peoples tech. In reality how would that play out? Would they actually have to take things at gun point? Would there be iphone riots? I feel like many people would see this as some authoritarian conspiracy.

Live Shows!

You guys have had a lot of live shows lately! I'm curious what your takeaway is from all them?