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GOP: What Principal Unifies them?

Half the conference doesn't support the Trump choice, so it's not Trump. Half the conference doesn't support the establishment pick, Have you had to pack one aspect or principal that unifies all of them what would it be?

Expounding on western seeding of terror in future generations

Many have cited the youthfulness of Gaza along with the populations incapacity to leave the country or safely seek refuge in international humanitarian aid shelters due to direct and indirect bombings as a tragic aspect of this conflict that will undoubtedly result in many child casualties, but it is also a fact contributing and compounding future radicalization of the next generation in the region. On this specifically: 1. As individuals close to and in contact with Washington insiders, is this at all being seen by officials in Congress or their staff, and if so, is their any way to interpret the hyper inflammatory words of those like Marco Rubio and and Mitch McConnel as anything but knowingly advocating for wide scale and indiscriminate slaughter, some would say calls for genocide, to prevent this generation from coming to fruition, thus essentially taking the stance of "mowing the lawn" further than ever before, rather better analogized as pulling the grass from the roots and completely overturning the soil they once sat upon? 2. The radicalization of generations seen in the middle east after American wars seems to have a transverse parallel of the new western generations born after 9/11 in a sense being deradicalized away from neocon empire building government rhetoric. We have already seen a quite heterogeneous yet predominantly critical response by Israeli citizens towards their governments past and current actions/lack of actions in the face of seemingly ample warnings, but would y'all expect to see a shift in politics in Israel that would reflect a similar shift in internal politics as seen in the west towards softening their past positions on inflammatory actions that have contributed to building the malice of Palestinians? Apologies if any of the framing of my question comes off as one sided, this is not my intention and there are ferocious and violent actors on the side of Palestinian support, both Hamas and their fervent supporters within the population, but it is clear to me that a lot of this is downstream from modern Israeli policy, and thus in a sense I feel it is right that the Palestine should be framed as the more passive actors less capable of effectively garnering change internally than many attempt to cast them as being able to.

Nations IT Security

Hi Marshall, I work in IT and I was curious for arsenal of democracy if there's any plan to have a IT security professional for our nation on as a guest? I've often joked that the only person who has more access than the president is his IT tech, any truth to this joke?

Israel Conflict: Social Media

Hi Guys, With this conflict escalating and amount of now misinformation that seems to get posted, I'm curious how you guys have been vetting your information. Institution trust has diminished, I feel as though the trust of social media has also diminished and with Elon's takeover of Twitter has played a part in that. If you don't trust the institutions and you can't trust randoms online who can you trust?

Israel Conflict: How much does Religion Factor?

Hi Guys, From your perspective how much does religion weigh in on the Israel conflict? From a atheist perspective I feel like once you have a religious argument it's almost impossible to convince someone out of their emotional ties to it.