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Cross Overs

With The Realignment being apart if the Breaking Points Universe (BPU) I was curious if there have been any attempts to cross over onto different partner content? Or other YT / Podcasts?

Saagar and Lifting

Saw Saagar's pic with Rogan and thought he looked in really good shape. Would love to hear about what you guys like to do for fitness. I know Saagar has mentioned he has a trainer and spends a decent amount of time in the gym. Being from the PNW I assume Marshall likes to hike? Seems like a fun, humanizing question.

What was the most formative era of politics for you?

I grew up in my adolescence with Obama being elected in 2008 when I was 13, and being re-elected in 2012 when I was 17. The Obama era was a very formative moment in my political evolution, and influenced my politics as a millenial. What was the most formative era in politics for you? Was it the Clinton era of the 1990s, the Bush and 9/11 era of the 2000s? Or something else entirely, like the Trump era in 2016?

Did Zeihan cash out?

I have noticed the same trends in Zeihan’s internet presence that were briefly discussed in the recent crossover episode with Moment of Zen. But while I figured this was simply Zeihan doing the YouTube thing in an attempt to spread his message to a wider audience, Marshall, Saagar, Antonio, and Erik seemed to think that he had begun making clickbait and lost credibility in the process. What are your opinions on Peter’s recent work, and the evidence he uses to back up his claims? And to the point of the topic in the episode, is it possible to be both a popular creator and an effective operator simultaneously? I feel like the show has been in a great place lately, thank you for having interesting guests and keep up the good work.

How techie are you?

Hi guys, I've really been enjoying your conversations around tech as I am a IT administrator, I was curious what is your level of technology knowledge? Are you your families IT guys?