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Premium version on Spotify

Gents, been a big fan and supporter since day one. For reasons that I cannot discern I am unable to access the premium subscription on Spotify. Any help that you can provide would be excellent. Thank you very much for your time Zach

Main Character Energy

Marshall, during the SotU coverage you mentioned that Marjorie Taylor Greene has more "main character energy" than Kirsten Sinema. Aside from her likelihood of being hit by Imperial Stormtroopers, what do you mean by "main character energy"?

Comparing FDR and Donald Trump

Donald Trump's political success has been partially attributed to his ability to reach the public directly through his Tweets, bypassing gatekeepers in the media etc. This reminded me of the "fireside chats" that FDR delivered by radio during his presidency. What do you think? Was FDR the predecessor to Donald Trump for connecting with voters directly or was FDR more closely related with modern political podcast hosts such as yourselves while Trump was merely Commander in Chief of the Internet Trolls?

Is Lina Khan Pushing Too Hard

In a lot of recent episodes Lina Khan has been mentioned as a government official who displays productive energy and initiative. Last week Christine Wilson submitted an op-ed to the WSJ about why she is resigning as an FTC Commissioner. What do you think about Wilson's criticism that Khan has disregarded the rule of law and due process in her role as FTC chairman? More broadly, do you think action-oriented politicians/bureaucrats should be wary of "moving fast and breaking things" because there are certain things public servants should be expected not to break?

Congrats on getting Engaged Saagar!

Can't help notice after all the Euro hate you purposed in London! What gives? Seriously though congrats, looking forward to the wedding?