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Premium podcast vs substack

As a premium podcast subscriber, does that mean I also have access to the premium substack? Also what are the differences between the two?

Political affiliation

Marshall, do you find people constantly labeling you inaccurately one way or another politically? Also, I really appreciate your ability to put on different "hats" when talking to your guests to represent opposing views, regardless of your own perspective. For both of you, do you affiliate yourself with a particular strain of political ideology, politically homeless, or something else? What about your friends? Since the Trump era has begun, I have found myself progressively disenchanted with the two parties and the other "options" like the libertarian and the forward party. And I feel like my friends are feeling similar.

Best places you've travelled to? Or tell us a good travelling story

I won a few trips recently from my university, which is going to be great since I'm working class and usually can't afford to travel. I was wondering, what is the best place that each of you has travelled to? Or alternatively, just tell the audience a good story from a trip you had.

Do you moderate your own social media consumption, and if so, how do you do it?

I am born in 1994, so my adolescence happened during the heyday of the emergence of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. in the early 2010s. When I was teenager, I had completely unfettered access and use of social media (mostly Facebook, then later Instagram) which was a habit I maintained until around 2018. From that point onward, I deleted all social media from my phone except YouTube, and only access them from my desktop computer in a highly regimented and controlled manner. This has been extremely beneficial for my mental health, self confidence, anxiety, and self image, but sometimes I do have occasional relapses and reinstall Instagram on my phone again, or by replying to people on Reddit. Then eventually I have a horrible interaction with some nut on the internet, curse myself, and uninstall them again. I was wondering, as online creators, your businesses and careers depend on using social media. So what is your social media consumption like? Which platforms do you use, and how much do you use them? What kinds of barriers and rules do you setup for yourselves when using them? Do you have unfettered consumption, is it highly regimented, is it somewhere in between? By the way, a good book on this topic but also on the topic of addiction more broadly is Dopamine Nation by Anna Lembke.

Congrats on getting Engaged Saagar!

Can't help notice after all the Euro hate you purposed in London! What gives? Seriously though congrats, looking forward to the wedding?