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Hi Marshall, I recall you bringing up how there is no real consensus for what is next, and that is why we cant go forward. I am curious how you feel about that in 2023?

Achieving Greatness

I was recently re listening to Saagar's Lex podcast and I really aligned with Saagar's wanting human greatness and it's never enough attitude. How do we get that mentality back into our world over the culture wars? What are some ideas you guys have about what's the next great human achievement is?


I'm curious what the demographics are for the realignment! Gender, age, political leanings etc. And what do you think about the realignment community?

Open Secrets

What's something about how politics, tech, foreign policy, independent media, etc., functions that's clearly known by insiders, but outsiders might assume something completely different?

Guest Request: Mark Yzaguirre

Hey Marshall, I was hoping that you guys would have Mark back on since it’s been a while since his last appearance. He has a really interesting perspective and would be interested to hear his take on things (especially the republican primaries, Texas politics, etc.). Thanks, Aakash