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Guest Request: Mark Yzaguirre

Hey Marshall, I was hoping that you guys would have Mark back on since it’s been a while since his last appearance. He has a really interesting perspective and would be interested to hear his take on things (especially the republican primaries, Texas politics, etc.). Thanks, Aakash

Using Twitter to change Elite Positions

Hi Saagar, After watching the last AMA you mentioned using twitter to to influence elite opinion. I can't help but think that ratioing elites or a 240 character tweet isn't that effective when they can mute notifications, move on the the next drama of the day, have part of twitter defend them. Do you recall a time you've felt you influenced elites from a tweet?

JD Vance?

I have heard you guys mentioning that you know JD Vance, I am from Ohio and was curious if he was a possible guest? I feel like you would give him a good interview. I would ask that you question him on Trump and is\was it worth it? If he is friends with you guys I can't imagine he is that one sided

The X App in America

Curious on your thoughts an app like WeChat could ever take hold in the US. Facebook is the closest to being that app, with a Social Media, Events, Market Place, Gaming, and Video. With all those its just not popular, does it make sense to try to make a X app here?

Demographic Change

Do you think very much about what's happening this decade with demographic change? I don't mean the racial component, although that is one dimension. I am mostly referring to the mass retirement of the boomer generation, and their gradual passing away over the next two decades and what this will mean for Western countries. Notable examples in the world of geopolitics include Japan's declining population, and the recent demographic data published by China. Of course immigration also plays into this topic of aging populations, and as a progressive in Canada that frankly sounds fine to me, but I know it's more contentious for conservatives and some Americans.