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Trump Indicted

A history defining moment for a president to be indicted. Curious outside the contents of this case what does this mean for the future of the presidency? This will probably be the first of many indictments that were are in line for a go at Trump, is he just the outlier because he's Trump, this predates his presidency or will this effect other past presidents as well?

Summer Plans

Hi Guys, with warmer weather around the corner curious if there is anything you're looking forward to this summer. Do any movies catch your eye? Vacation Trip planned? More live shows?

What do you want from a Q&A?

Curious what you both want or expect from a Q & A ? I don't actually know what kind if questions you guys enjoy getting asked. Do you enjoy the more off political ones, opinion on x, challenges to your opinions?

AI fears

I am not scared of AI, I am scared of how people are going to use AI. Everyone is focusing on AGI or long term issues like automation. I am more concerned about how AI is going to be exploited by bad actors. I imagine that every hedge fund, and really any capable financial person, is trying to find a way to use AI to manipulate the stock market. This might not even be considered illegal.

Is Trump saying anything new?

I cant help but notice for all that's going on around the guy, has he said anything that's new? Will it be witch hunt after witch hunt speech till 2024? What is he running on aside from avoiding prosecution with the shield of the presidency?