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Revisiting 1979

Early on in the Ukraine conflict Marshall's interviews frequently touched on the topic of the USSR's failed invasion/occupation of Afghanistan. What do you think were the most important factors in Russia's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, and how do you think these factors apply (or don't) to the current situation? Is this still a useful paradigm to envision a path to victory for (or at least, the survival of) the modern Ukraine?

Book suggestion - Paved Paradise

Marshall — Here’s a book I think you might want to consider for a show, if you haven’t already: Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World. Feels like a really unique lens to look at culture and economy, and seems to have a lot of salience as we’re talking a lot about housing prices. Keep up the great work!

Full exit from Europe

Hi, Marshal and Saagar. With ever increasing deficits and growing national debt, with numerus crisis at home, would US benefit from full exit from Europe and focusing on Asia issues at home? As someone who was born and grew up in Europe (also went to college there => free), only later in life (+30) to migrate across the pond , I find myself baffled by American willingness to spend money on defiance of Europe (EU + UK) while at the same time they have economy that rivals ours with higher population. For lack of better word, I find it "insane" for American tax payers to foot defense bill for European NATO allies, while they enjoy goodies (free higher education, 12 months paternity leave, free healthcare... ) that people in US can only dream of. At the same time, Europe is loosing importance at world stage, and focus of the world is rapidly shifting from Atlantic to Pacific, this leads me to even more question existence of NATO, since this treaty, while it bounds us to defend them in Europe, it doesn't bound them to do anything in Asia. Marshal has mentioned several times that, we should stay committed to Europe, since without us, if left to their own devices, things in Europe tend to go south very fast, but is it our responsibility to keep things in Europe orderly, especially with burning issues at home and shifting focus? And will Europeans be or "friends and allies" even in case of confrontation with China in Asia. Love the show.

Unpopular opinion

Hi guys What is an opinion you hold you think would get the most push back. Not only from your audience but from the general public.

GOP Primary Field

As the GOP primary field takes shape, we are starting to see similarities to 2016. Too many candidates splitting the field, only this time there is a smaller share of the not-Trump vote. The consensus seems to be that candidates like Haley, Scott, Vivek, can potentially get a cabinet position in a Trump administration, but what are the downsides to running for president?