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RFK Voice issue

I feel like nobody wants to say it out loud but I do not think RFK can do the presidency because of his throat \ voice issues. During interviews I have had to replay to understand what he is saying, noticed he is seems out of breath while just talking, and just general issues communicating. I have heard about clothing, strokes, age, competency, medical issues for every other candidate but not this glaring one. I am curious what your takes are in regards to this.

Cyberpunk Future

Hi Guys, Curious what your thoughts are on cyber augmentation? Going beyond Elon's brainchip, Do you think there will be any political issues about replacing body parts with cybernetics? What are your views on Transhumanism (Not LGBT Trans) in general?

Video \ Youtube Suggestion

Hi Guys, I would like to request video for AMAs, I personally really like seeing the faces that are talking while I am listening. You get more out of reading the face at times during answers. I am one of the crazies who pay for youtube premium and often watch BP \ Realignment on youtube. I understand there are probably production \ editing \ uploading annoyances. I hope the Supercast can one day enable this!

Espionage Act

From what I recall from a JRE episode with Edward Snowden, one of the issues with the espionage act is that you aren't allowed to try and talk about why you did whatever you did. This is one of the main reasons why Snowden said he wouldn't come back for a trial. What implications does this have on the newest Trump charges?

Vibe Check

Hi Guys, How about a general US Vibe check? If you had to put your finger on the pulse of the USA what would you take away? Throw in the World vibes too for fun.