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Why are you interested in history?

When I was listening to your answers to a question on a previous AMA and you were discussing why you don't like Roman history, I couldn't help but be interested in the reasons you gave. Why are you interested in history? Is it purely a utilitarian pursuit, to know how we got to where we are today by studying the historical strands that got us here? Is it out of personal interest, like the person who put the question in that mentioned Rome? Do you enjoy the storytelling aspect, or do you enjoy the study of change overtime?

How do you rank America's allies?

Who do you think are America's best, most reliable allies? What does it mean to be a good ally? Do you expect other countries to be satellite states of the US that follow orders? Or are they sovereign nations that have aligned values but can ultimately make their own decisions? I have a feeling you will probably have fairly different answers to this question, as Saagar seems extremely opposed to the Europeans who decide to fund their social welfare programs instead of wasting their money on military spending.

RFK Jr vs Nuclear

I've always appreciated that The Realignment continues to return to the topic of nuclear energy. I was wondering about Saagar's recent interview with RFK Jr when you asked him about his opposition to nuclear energy. That was the first time I'd heard the argument that you can tell nuclear power plants aren't safe because they have so much trouble purchasing insurance for their businesses. I'd like to know from both hosts, how do your respond to RFK's argument and what do you think is the best way to convince the voting public that nuclear energy is safe?

Post War Ukraine in Europe

The Russo-Ukrainian War has resulted in an unprecedented influx of materiel and finances into Ukraine. Unless the war ends in a total capitulation by Ukraine, which seems highly unlikely, the remaining state under Kiev’s control will have certainly a top 3-5 military in Europe. Not including nuclear weapons, it likely would be more powerful than all except France and Russia and would contain a trained officer corps with battle hardened soldiers. I imagine Ukraine would be able to field over 200k soldiers with advanced weaponry and training and a recovering economy w/ presumably unstable politics would mean a stronger military being preferred. Even if NATO induction is not on the table per any agreement to end the war, what do you think the power dynamics will be in Europe post-war if Ukraine were to even make peace while retaining 60% of its territory?

dunning kruger effect

What role should tech billionaires play in policy and politics? David sachs and his band from the all in podcast