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How to deal with lobbying.

Hi Marshal and Saagar, I recently moved to Washington DC and was honestly shocked about number of Lobbyist running around, I have feeling that 50% of people I meet are in some way or form involved in lobbying or working for one of many lobbying firms that are stationed in DC. Do you thing that lobbying and interest groups Industry have went complety out of control, and that one of first steps in "draining the Swamp" (for lack of better word) and regaining some trust in our political system is to rain in Lobbying industry. For me personally I have feeling that since Citizens United, lobbying in DC has turned in front for legalized corruption and that only way forward is to severely limit (even ban) lobbying in it current form (revolving door and lobbying firms). What is your take on current situation and lobbying in general?

Wild Wild West

In a recent AMA you mentioned Wild west periods before regulations get made. I am curious what "Wild West" period do you think will have the biggest change once regulations get applied? Does not have to be limited to tech.

Beam Me Up Marshall

Hi Marshall, I heard you mention your into Star Trek. Where would you recommend a newbie start watching at? What is it about the series that you enjoy? What is your all time favorite episode?

Livestreaming content

Hi Guys, With a streamer getting 100 million dollars for streaming playing games and chatting. How do you feel about streaming your content? I believe a channel like Realignment, BP, Counter Points, etc could livestream their backlog of content to fill a full day stream like a TV channel. I could see a day where Mr. Beast creates a Beast Channel that plays his YT videos and its treated like cartoon network.

Vibe Check - The WORLD

Hi Guys, Really enjoyed the discussion from the last vibe check around the USA. Can you do the same for the World? If you had to put your finger on the pulse of the world what would you take away?