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The reason Canadians listen to you

In response to Saagars comments on BP and his surprise of Canadian listeners. I live roughly 1.5 hours outside of Toronto, you live closer to me than you do to most Americans. We live on the second floor of your house, if you go down in flames we are coming with you.

UFOs and nuclear targets

Really just an FYI since they just shot down the 4th unidentified object, this one over lake Huron. Kincardine Ontario, located on lake Huron, is home to the Bruce Nuclear Plant (one of the largest fully operational nuclear generating stations in the world).

Think Tank

Hi Marshall, after reading the newsletter you mentioned how you view the Realignment like a think tank. I am curious what's it like working at a Think Tank?

Anti trust

Hi Marshall and Saagar, President Biden in his SOTU Address made it a point of emphasis to mention anti trust and sparking momentum on engaging in reform. Not to go full stoller here but in the remaining years of the Biden presidency, who do you think in Washington will be our best bet to get any sort of breakthrough when it comes to anti trust reform? Was looking at it more as person/caucus but take it in whatever direction youd like! Thanks!

How techie are you?

Hi guys, I've really been enjoying your conversations around tech as I am a IT administrator, I was curious what is your level of technology knowledge? Are you your families IT guys?