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Messing with AI

Hi Guys, Curious if you have dabbled into AI Generation? There are a lot of productivity ones I could imagine Saagar using. What's your take on AI? With the amount coming out it's starting to have the Crypto NFT vibe with how easily everyone is making them. Example Buzzfeed has a cooking assistant AI

Federalism and State funding

I've been struggling to find the right answer to this question: "If California wants government healthcare, why don't they just provide the service at the state level and tax Californians to pay for the expense?" I suspect the answer has to do with what is paid for by state and local taxes and what is paid for by federal taxes, and I suspect an important component of this is that states must balance their budgets while the federal government can print money, borrow money, and run deficits. On top of that, the federal government seems to provide funding for a lot of things that are paid for at the state or local level. One example would be federal highway funding, which was famously held hostage several times in order to force states to comply with federal policies (mostly by Republicans, ironically). It seems like the system is currently structured so as to frustrate the original intent of the Constitution, specifically the 10th Amendment. Can y'all shed some light on how policy authority and funding is now apportioned between states and the federal government? Can you share any broad insights about the strengths and limitations of the current arrangement?

Wedding Congratulations

Congrats on the wedding! I recall you mentioning you wanted to have a last hurrah this summer, would you say it was a success? With both of you guys getting married what is some relationship advice you have for couples? (Doesn't have to be serious)

Outsiders in politics

Can you really be an “outsider” in politics if you are a billionaire?

US China collision course

What steps would need to happen to avoid a China/US conflict? It seems inevitable