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When will a GOP POTUS candidate acknowledge climate change?

After the dodge of the question on climate change in the GOP debate, I was reminded that the Republican party remains the only major conservative party among developed countries that continues to deny the existence of climate change. In conservative parties in Canada, Australia, and Europe, they acknowledge the existence of climate change. Given this, when do you think the GOP will select a POTUS candidate who acknowledges climate change is real and presents a platform on it? 2028, 2032, 2036? Further out? What impacts do you think this will have on GOP outreach to youth voter?

Narratives of "Decline"

How useful do you find narratives that revolve around a "decline" in the United States? Do you find these to be useful, accurate, helpful, inaccurate, or playing to a crowd? What actual metrics would you use to define a decline? Since the US is actually growing in a variety of ways (GDP growth, as one example), how accurate are narratives of a US decline? Or is it merely a tool in building political narratives?

India to Bharat

What do you think about India's recent decision to change its name to bharat for international events and groups like the UN? This feels like it's part of a broader trend of countries wanting to be reffered to by their native name rather than their English name with other recent examples including Trukiye and Czechia instead of Turkey and the Czech Republic.

Cancel culture

Can you both give your own definitions of cancel culture? Would Bill Ackman’s actions regarding Israel and Palestine meet that definition?

Great work Marshall. Is Less Saagar intentional?

Marshall, Your interviews have been top notch recently. I started to listen to The Realignment years ago and It was presented as a platform where you dig deeper, You deliver on that every week. I wonder if Saagar's absence on the interview episodes is intentional? Do you find it easier to do one on one? Is it better for The Realignment format to have an interviewer with more more moderated positions. (No dissing Saagar, We love him too but for different reasons)