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What is Your Interviewing Philosophy / Credo?

Marshall has noted in past episodes that he doesn't believe an interview should involve extreme pushback / argumentation and debate from the interviewer. He specifically cited AoD ep.9 with Mike Doran in which he disagreed with things the guest said, but didn't pushback at the time. Can you expand on what your interviewing philosophy is? Do you think an interview is just a place for an author / guest to get their views out? What is the role of the interviewer? Should you pushback with your own opinions or not? What's the point of having an interview if you never state your disagreements with what's being said and only agree with the guest? And if you hold your disagreements with what the guest said until after the interview, shouldn't you be doing reflective segments where you present your disagreements with what the guest said?

Ben Mezrich Interivew

I enjoyed listening to the interview, Any takeaways? I remember Marshall bringing up that Elon buying Twitter was more like a Billionaire buying a newspaper. It made a lot of sense to me and even now with Elon promoting citizen journalism its like he's trying to remove any standard of what a journalist is. With a probable bankruptcy on the account what do you think will happen? I remember Saagar saying that Saudi twitter is vastly different than our own. Would they step in? Side Question for Saagar and the cyber truck, I heard you say you wanted one, you live in DC where it snows and Ices over and the truck has no handles for a door. Got to make sense of that one to me.

Reading Recommendations For Russian History?

I'm on a bit of a Russian history reading spree reading now. I'm finishing Collapse by Vladislav M. Zubok about the fall of the USSR, and I plan on reading The New Tsar by Steven Lee Meyers on Putin's rise next. I also just bought The Last Tsar by Edvard Radzinsky about Nicholas II. Do either of you have any recommendations on good books that cover Russian history?

Debate the Ivy Free Speech Issue

Marshall, Saagar, Debate the Ivy League free speech / Antisemitism issue. It seems clear that one issue is what speech on campus should be protected under academic freedom, And what speech is non academic. For example a student writing an essay about his or her support for a third intifada would deserve protection under academic freedom, But if that same student was marching through university city chanting about it, that speech should not necessarily be protected by academic freedom. The students marching through the street are providing no forum for discussion or debate, no evidence or argument to even counter. It would be difficult to claim that particular speech is academic in nature.

André Dutra Interview

Hi Marshall, I wanted to say I really enjoyed the interview you did with André. It must have been a fun interview since you went over time. The part that really resonated with me was when you were talking about the moderate disposition.