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Godzilla Minus One

Hi guys, Godzilla fan here and wanted to recommend you both see Godzilla Minus One. Great time piece of japan after WW2 and giant monsters, what more could you want?

Hamas Leadership

Hi guys, I heard from numerous places that Hamas leadership is actually chilling in Qatar. This seems like a quiet part out loud thing that nobody is saying. I am curious why this hasn't been reported on more or really even brought up if you're trying to eliminate Hamas. Is this a foreign relations preventing it kind of thing?

Happy Holidays

Before the holiday season kicks off just wanted to say happy holidays to both of you guys and thanks for producing such great content. Both of you exude genuineness and just wanted to say it's very refreshing to watch. Keep up the great work! What are some goals each of you have for your respective shows next year? I'm hoping for some production goals!

GOP Losing Weight

Hi Guys, I am curious if you think the GOP Base lost weight or better put refined down to Trump supporters \ condoners Do you think that the party has lost members? I reflect on my own family with my dad who is a "earn your keep" republican before Trump and how he states he wont vote for him off character, and how now he feels the whole republican party now condones him. To relate it he quiet quit voting for republicans.

RE Request: Media

Here are some topics I think would be interesting, I can't recommend people in particular. 1.Are there any shows that "everyone" is watching? I remember as a kid the nation stopping when Nick from CSI got buried alive, are there any shows they can do that again? 2. I think it would be interesting to go deeper into what Matt Damon brought up on hot ones on how DVD sales ending has kind of killed unique movies being made 3. I'm curious on any effort to apply TV standards to the internet. I used to work in film and there were a lot of stipulations around child labor and I'm curious how if at all YouTube applies that to child influencers.