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Credentials over Socials

Hi guys, Marshall, you've broughten up how you view yourself as more of an academic than a producer for a show. I was curious on your views of displaying credentials or education in the lower thirds over Twitter handles when it comes to interviews or news shows. Whenever I see a Twitter handle and I don't have a Twitter account it's kind of useless to me. Speaking from a normal person's perspective I'm not about to go follow some PhD or politician account off of a segment. I understand you're posting it on social media and everyone wants to gain an audience I was curious from your academic leaning perspective for a show which do you feel is more beneficial? For Saagar, You have a degree in Security and went to college that gives you great insights into conflicts and the ability to give nuance. But to somebody I'm showing a clip to you're just some random guy in a suit on a set. I'm not saying to audibly bring it every time like I have a degree in this" but a non-audible representation goes a long way with helping show others that you are not some random person talking about a topic.

Keep on Running, The Trump Strategy

Hi guys, I view the moment Trump gained ownership of the GOP was when he said he was willing to keep running regardless of primary nomination in 2016. I feel those in power were afraid of losing 1/3 their voting block. All the GOP candidates minus Christy raised their hands to give it to Trump. What if Christy just keeps running? Is he to establishment to do so?

Taiwan presidential election

What do you guys make of the green party winning in the Taiwanese election, they are the anti-China policy and Pro US party. I imagine China's not going to like it

CES 2024`

Hi guys, Big Techie here and one of the biggest gadget events is going on called CES (Consumer Electronics Show) I am curious if you guys have looked at any of the gadgets, car tech, AI, Automation that comes from the event?

Could Vivek Win Ohio?

I live in Ohio and I question if he could win in his own home state. You guys mentioned that winning your own home state is key. In my eyes he is the definition of a all "politics is national".