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Israel’s war in Gaza

Is Israel conducting a genocide in Gaza? To generalize the left wing view in the Israel Palestine context, the word has been too loosely used to mean disproportionate casualties in a war is a genocide. Explain why this is right or wrong.

Lessons from the Vivek Ramaswamy Campaign

What lessons can we learn from Vivek’s campaign? Vivek has been praised for his use of non-traditional media to boost his national profile, yet he has been hovering at or around 4% in the RCP Republican primary national polling average.

Humanity in Conflict

Hey guys! Happy Holidays! Given this time of annual reflection and holiday cheer, (at least domestically) with the backdrop of increasing global conflict and western involvement, I am wondering what your favorite moment of humanity in the face of conflict throughout history is. It doesn’t have to be holiday specific. I am reminded of the Christmas truce of 1914, which provided the inspiration for this question. Happy New Year… undoubtedly one without precedence.

Indian Culture

Hi guys, My friend started dating a first generation immigrant from India, and we were talking about how for both of us India was a culture black hole that outside a Bollywood movie we didn't know much of anything not pop culture. We both like outside US cultures like Korea, Japan, but never India for some reason. Can you relay some history \ culture notes. I am not even sure about US \ India relations. We were both surprised that holding hands was a big deal to her.

Does Demonetization = Censorship?

Hi Guys, I wanted to get your opinion on this thought. Does demonitization equal censorship? Let's say YouTube demonetized a channel but doesn't revoke their ability to upload. Is that censorship? They're not stopping them from posting or making content. The more people go towards you there's subscription or reading ads in the programming the less YouTube monetization matters. This obviously applies to big creators more than the small people but I also doubt small people are going to get demonetized as infamously. What is more valuable in the censorship argument YouTube enabling it their money or allowing it on their platform regardless?