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Are they actually posting themselves?

Hi guys I unless its video I really have a hard time trusting that accounts are actually being post by the people themselves. I tend to believe that the higher up you go the more likely that they have someone or a team posting for them. A recent example would be Trumps recent bud light social post. There is no world where Donald Trump made that post an typed all that up. Do you ever question it?

US 2024 POTUS race

What is the best argument for Biden as President? What is the best argument for Trump as President? Feel free to throw in any 3rd party hanger ons, but please give a Biden and Trump answer each. Thanks

Jeffrey Rosen Episode Was Fantastic

Not a question, just wanted to share that I loved the Jeffrey Rosen episode. It's inspiring as a lifelong learner and reader, I tried sharing it with my political friends. Thanks for putting that out and for your thoughtful interview questions Marshall!

Why Don't Video Games Have Cultural Staying Power?

The video gaming industry is about $240 billion USD in size, while the movie industry is about $90 billion USD (rough numbers but you get the picture). Despite this, video games do.not have the cultural staying power or influence in mainstream culture the way that movies, TV shows, and music do. Why is this? Am I wrong in my analysis? Does it have to do with the fact that boomers don't consume them? Some interesting food for thought.

Democratic Reform

It seems that Democratic Reform in the United States is more needed than ever before in it's history, but it also seems politically impossible. There are many reasonable reforms that most Americans would agree upon (having national one day primaries instead of multi month long, state by state races; eliminating the filibuster, adding more states, adjusting the amount of senators, etc.). Do you think Democratic Reform will remain dead on arrival because of the difficulties in implementation? Is it possible to change anything?