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Barstool Conservative Phenomenon

An employee from Barstool named Bill Cotter is running for Congress as a Republican. What are your thoughts on this phenomenon, and do you think “Barstool Conservatives” are without a doubt a part of the GOP 2024 coalition?

Strong Towns

Hey Marshal and Saagar, I have been recently researching more of the New Urbanism movement in the US, specifically the Strong Towns movement founded by Charles Marohn. I recently read his first book Strong Towns (which is free on Spotify premium and I highly recommend) laying out the post-war economic model around Suburbinaztion and growth over wealth. It was very interesting viewing US history 1945-present through the lens of Urban planning, and Infrastructure and as a child of the Rust Belt it really helped me understand what went wrong in the 20th Century. Also Benjamin Harold was just on the Strong Towns podcast and I think anyone who enjoyed your episode with him would benefit from that episode. I wanted to get your take on the post-war Suburbanization and interstate highway system craze that characterizes the 1950s, if it was a mistake do you think it was worth it etc. and your take on the New Urbanism movement as a political force as it does seem to be able to reach out to both the right and the left fairly well. I sincerely hope you guys program more of this material into your content as I think it is what will actually solve the problems of the day. Keep up the great work. Thanks,

What philosophical school do you subscribe to?

Not politically, and to a lesser extent - but related - spiritually, what school of philosophy do you subscribe both subscribe to. I am of the belief you two will likely differ from one another. Additionally, do you think that 20th and 21st century philosophy is just repackaged ancient teachings by a new name?

History Channel miniseries

I was curious if you guys ever caught any of the History Channel President miniseries? Presidents they covered: Washington Grant Abraham Lincoln FDR Kennedy What are your thoughts on the miniseries if you've seen it? I really enjoyed the Grant one

He's doing it to himself, right?

I recently heard Trump was posting about a Judge's daughter, and I have to question does anyone else think that Trump is doing it to himself? How do you feel about his actions? I get its a ploy to make this stuff last till he has a 50% shot at the president and ignore it for another 4 years.