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Interviews with politicians

After the Mike Gallagher episode, do you plan to interview any more politicians soon? Perhaps reconnecting with the "realignment" senators or JD Vance.

Lingering Question from Realignment Live

Yuval Levin had a great response to the question of "What time is it in regards to the current moment in politics?" 'It is always time to invest in the production of citizens.' Kristen Soltis Anderson later cites that the population gap between young conservatives and young liberals is larger today than previous generations. The event was filled with great ideas and recommendations for conservatives to move toward but only Chris Griswold had a bone to pick with current ideologies that were having a negative impact on American conservatism, namely market fundamentalism. My question is what other current conservative ideologies do you think are having a negative impact on America's ability to incentivize investment in the younger generation?

Moment of Zen Follow Up (DC Insider Takes)

Really appreciated your appearance on Moment of Zen, especially the moment describing Southern, State-School RNC types. I'm DC-based and felt seen by the discussion of how DC insider baseball actually works. I also really enjoyed the description that most DC events are "head pats" for the wealthy. Would love more on this. Can you both describe the various "lanes" in DC insider baseball, the incentives that drive the lane, the stereotypes, etc. Could include categories like hill staffers, life long hill staffers, political consultants, RNC types, the journalist pecking order, any you guys can think of. Even within the DC bubble you guys have enough time in city but have maintained distance to have good perspective!

Worst Production Mishap

Hi guys I used to work in the film industry and know there is always something going wrong on set. I am curious what was your biggest production mishap? Delete a file\episode? Hot mic? Set Injury?

Guest Request: Jake Watson of Corridor Digital

Jake Watson is a Lawyer and long time content creator partner on Youtube through Corridor Digital. Recently he had a video going over Art AI: I believe AI Art is the next big story in Tech and think it would be a great interview.