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Multiple 3rd party candidates

If Trump didn't get the Republican nomination and ran 3rd party, do you think anyone from the left would do the same? Is the system, debates etc., even really set up for this?

Immigration: Legislative or Executive Failure?

Hey guys, I find your analysis of issues such as trade and immigration driving a political realignment to be a helpful synopsis of this era of politics. With encounters at the border at record highs and Biden's recent pivot towards stricter border security, I am curious to hear your diagnosis of the immigration issue. Is it more of a policy failure on the behalf of Congress to compromise on comprehensive reform or does the administrative state deserve more of the blame? As a regular listener, I'd just like to add that an episode interviewing an expert on either side could be really illuminating.

The Consensus

Hi Marshall, I recall you bringing up how there is no real consensus for what is next, and that is why we cant go forward. I am curious how you feel about that in 2023?

Crowder v. Daily Wire

Hey guys, curious as to your thoughts on the Steven Crowder/Daily Wire drama. Was the contract fair? What is Steven's motivation for publishing the video in the first place? Curious as to what you think given that you both are content creators and run a business.

American History Content

Marshall & Saagar, I'm a huge fan of the show. I initially starting listening because of an interest in politics. But I think I ended up sticking around and subscribing because I appreciate the knowledge of history that you both bring to contextualize current events. That said, I'm curious if you two think that there is an open lane for more content about American history on YouTube/social media. As a history nerd, I'm always looking for good content on the subjects I'm interested in. But I'm not finding a lot of compelling stuff aside from Dan Carlin who is the man. Just finished Ron Chernow's bio on Washington and I feel like we need a YouTube channel devoted to understanding the legacy and world of the Founders and key players throughout history.