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Favorite Dis Track - Kendrick vs Drake

What's your take on the Kendrick vs Drake dis track raps that have been coming out. Admittedly I listen to more K-Pop and Classic Rock than rap so I know next to nothing about it...

Center Political Appeal

Is President Biden's centrist approach, rather than attempting to outflank opponents on the left or right, a novel political strategy that may only be effective in countering a figure like Trump?

Campus Protests

Do normies side with the anti-Israel protestors or the frat bros?

Is the Dollar's Reserve Status Hurting U.S. Manufacturing?

The impact of the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency on trade and manufacturing is often not highlighted enough. A strong dollar makes imports from abroad cheaper for Americans, while also making U.S. exports more expensive for everyone else. Do you view the dollar's status as a global reserve currency as a structural impediment to bringing back manufacturing to the U.S.? If so can anything be done to offset this disadvantage? Or is there a world where the reserve status changes?

Europe gets a discount

This question is in regards to how Europe doesn't pay for much in regards to military efforts in comparison to the US. In my mind it is worth the trade of not having to deal with the displaced people from conflicts. Not to say that the US doesn't take in any immigrants sometimes but in comparison to the numbers just from Ukraine alone I am happy that the US is kind of insulated from that. Because of that I tend to give Europe a little bit more slack in the money department. Does that ever factor in to your view?