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Apocalypse Survival Bag

Congrats on launching a new podcast, with the first episodes theme being survival in mind: What is in your apocalypse survival bag? (Curious what your first guest would say)

Presidents build on Presidents

Hi guys, I've always held the thought that presidents build on presidents. You do not get Trump without Obama or Obama without Bush. This can also go into policy and how they interact with the public. With that in mind I'm curious what do you think Biden can build off of from Trump? On that note what do you think the next president can build off of Biden?

Robert Gottlieb/Robert Caro

Robert Gottlieb, the long-time editor of all of Robert Caro's books, passed away recently at 92. I am saddened that he will not be around to finish editing the final installment of Caro's series on LBJ. These books have been mentioned many times on this show, and they are a master class on politics and power. I would be grateful if you could elaborate on the impact Gottlieb and Caro's partnership through these books has had on your own understanding of politics and power. What lessons can be gleaned from them in today's politics? Thank you both for your perspective and the invaluable input you add to today's political ecosystem.

Right Wing Shows Online

Hi Guys, I've been curious for a while what your interactions with other Right Wing Online Shows have been if any? Do you view your shows as in the same sphere as a Shaprio?

Finding your pace

This isn’t a question so much as a comment. Feel free to respond, though! Without a doubt, you’re entirely entitled to your well-earned days of vacation. But, I wanted to give you some feedback about this from the consumer’s angle regarding what naturally occurs when the episode flow is interrupted. I, like most humans, am a creature of habit. At any given time, I pay for five podcasts and I also consume one audiobook every two weeks. This suffices for dog walks, mowing the yard, and hitting the gym. If one of my podcasts becomes problematic for whatever reason, I rotate it out of my list. I’ve been with the Realignment since the beginning and have been paying ever since that was an option. I never miss an episode. BUT, when you don’t deliver at a consistent pace, my attention unconsciously starts to drift to new podcast options. I don’t want this for you guys. Perhaps you could find a comfortable pace that allows you to pre-record some podcasts for vacation weeks? Perhaps you could piece together some “best ofs….”, similar to what Sam Harris does? (But, alas, caution here, Sam has been putting out far too many best ofs lately.) Anyways, best regards, as always.