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Japan Thoughts

I am curious on your views on Japan, Marshall has said he watched anime, and Saagar recently said he likes Japan. On that note what do you guys think of Japan? As a ally, a culture, their products. etc

US Ambassadors

In today's q&a you both mention these great ambassadors in US history which got me thinking about ambassadors in my lifetime. As a 50 year old who has lived in this country since since '86, i don't think I could name a single ambassador in my lifetime. Are great ambassadors still a thing? If so, who and if not, when and why you you think that change?

3D Printed Guns

I recently 3D printed the liberator, a 3D printable gun and donated it to my local police department / council meeting. Everyone thought it was a toy until I cocked it, and pull the trigger. (No bullets or anything) For under $100 I was able to create a pistol. That's the cost of the printer and the filament. I am a IT admin by trade and have little to no gun experience. I did this mostly as a proof of how easy it is to do. There are a few topics that spawn off this that I am want to hear your thoughts on. Will this be similar to drones in the changing of a resistance/warfare? How is our military using this technology? Second amendment: Should it be this easy to make a gun? The barrier for entry is not that much.

Trump VP?

Is there any serious possibility Tulsi Gabbard is Trump's VP or is that all clickbait? Who do you expect is in the running for his VP candidate?

US Miltary Strategy Books on Vietnam War

Hey Guys, I just got back from a trip to Vietnam, where I visted a couple of museums and it inspired me to refresh my knowledge on the Vietnam War, more specifically the military strategy side of things. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? Also, this question can be opened up to any of your favorite military strategy books, US or foreign. This is something I'd like to deep dive into. Thanks for all the great content! Jeremiah