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Do you like any fiction?

I know both of you read non-fiction primarily, and Saagar only Victorian or later for reasons he has said, but do you have any fiction you truly love or find valuable? Books like the Great American Novels (Twain, Hemingway, etc) or perhaps great and prescient science fiction (Asimov, Orwell, Huxley, etc) come to mind for cultural and historical reasons. Jesse

Good Finance Books?

I'm reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is a bit dated now, and very conventional. I enjoy the parts on finance and could do without the conservative economic philosophy he includes. Have you read any good books on finance that you can recommend for your listeners?

Russia's Oil Production

I saw an analysis from an economist today about Russian oil production, which has been recently cut back due to OPEC+ requirements. The economist was speculating that Russia was doing the OPEC+ production cuts to save face and hide the fact that they have had production problems, due to an inability to maintain oil sites because of a lack of access to Western technology that's been sanctioned. Have you been following reports on the Russian economy and oil sector? Is there an expert on the Russian economy that you can have on as a guest?

Spy Balloon

Hey y’all, Jonathan from Austin here. Does it seem to you like the Chinese spy balloon incident was grossly undercovered by the media? I’m wondering why Trump isn’t bringing it up every speech. This balloon was allowed to go over the entirety of the United States, hovering over our sensitive military sites. It’s sort of like people not caring where covid came from. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. This should be a big issue, and the strange aftermath afterwards where they were hinting at UFOs seemed like a blatant tactic to change the conversation. Thanks.

Underrated Presidents

Hey Marshall and Sagaar, Who is your guys’ most underrated president? For me personally it would be John Adams. Being the 1st one-term president and not choosing to fight to stay for another term definitely makes him one of the better presidents, at least from the perspective of believing in the ideas of the revolution. So who is the most underrated president in your opinion?