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Solutions: Immigration

Let's the future president is watching this what would you purpose as a solution for immigration issue?


Saagar! I have heard how you feel on weed / THC, but how do you feel about CBD the other side of the plant?

The Maralago Raid

Am I the only one who sees it as Trump doing it to himself? I am trying to understand people like Tucker who said that the raid is what made him go with Trump. What am I not connecting, Pence and Biden turned their docs in, in January of 2023 FBI went through Biden's house as well. I do not understand when Trump multiple times ignored orders and actively trying to obscure any chance of trying to get our documents back.

Agree with the Vibe not the Solution Purposed

Hi guys, What is a Vibe you agree with but not the solution purposed? Example: I agree citizens should have easier/access health insurance in the US, I do not agree that Medicare 4 All is the solution. I agree to stopping illegal immigration, I do not think a wall will do much

What does Vivek and Trump have in common?

After listening to Vivek on Flagrant, I do not understand what him and Trump have in common. I lived through a Trump presidency already, and I got none of whatever Vivek says he is gonna do. Is it just the Arrogant Vibe? is it saying "America First" a lot?