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Lessons from the Vivek Ramaswamy Campaign

What lessons can we learn from Vivek’s campaign? Vivek has been praised for his use of non-traditional media to boost his national profile, yet he has been hovering at or around 4% in the RCP Republican primary national polling average.

Israel’s war in Gaza

Is Israel conducting a genocide in Gaza? To generalize the left wing view in the Israel Palestine context, the word has been too loosely used to mean disproportionate casualties in a war is a genocide. Explain why this is right or wrong.

Are you guys Podcasts?

Hi guys, Last AMA you answered a question on podcast burnout, and a follow up. I was curious if you consider yourselves podcasts or something else? This probably applies more the Saagar and BP than The Realignment due to it being audio first. The Realignment is a set away from a Interview show, and BP is a independent media channel in my eyes, once you have to reference something on screen I feel like you lose the podcast\audio vibe. What makes a show a podcast? Is it the independent nature of it? Is it the "not music" category on platforms?

Isreal Conflict: Biden's Grade

Hi Guys, I asked previously about Grading Biden's Response during the initial part of the Israel Conflict. How would you give the response currently?

Movie Update

Love the movie convos, Saagar \ Marshall did you see the movies you wanted over holiday? How was Wonka?