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Oct 7th; Purposely ignorant

I have been purposely not trying to learn what happened on October 7th due to the first thing I heard was 40 beheaded babies and it just seemed off to me so I decided to wait. What would you say happened? I know there are hostages, and victims of assault. I have heard more disproved than proved.

What Constitutes Viral?

Hi Guys, What Constitutes something going viral in your eyes? Is it a increase in from normal viewership? Does it take a cultural impact like say Gangnam Style? I often hear people say something went viral and have no idea what they are referencing.

Seasonal Depression?

How much of the current mood is Winter Depression vs Summer Fun?


Hello, I am curious on your views on streamers? Political or otherwise it is content that has never hit home for me as I prefer an edited project with some BTS. It is a completely different culture and work than the live shows you have hosted.


Hi Saagar, You mentioned before you view yourself like a Media CEO, who do you look to in similar fields as a inspiration, I know you have mentioned Shapiro in a business aspect, but who else comes to mind and why?