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Does foreign policy -- primarily Israel and Ukraine -- actually matter right now in American electoral politics?

It feels like there is an almost absurd amount of discussion and commentary about Israel/the Middle East in the news of all varieties. However, it is generally agreed upon, and shown time again in polling, that this issue and FP more generally is a tertiary or lower issue to Americans with immigration, economy, social security, and other things higher. Do you think Israel/Middle East/Russia/Ukraine actually will have any meaningful effect on the 2024 election? Personally I tend to think it's a wash. Thanks for the continued great work! Jesse

Robert Kennedy in the studio

Hi Marshall and Saagar, my name is Jio. I’m a listener from Japan. One of my favorite things about your shows are the book recommendations and I have purchased dozens of biographies and history books based on it. They were all great. I have a question to Saagar. Speaking of books I have always been curious of the reason why Arthur Schlesinger‘s book on Robert Kennedy has been in the background of the Breaking points set, which I assume was Saagar’s choice. I have heard multiple times that Saagar described David Kennedy’s “Freedom from Fear”, as one of his favorite book, which has been also on the shelf of the Breaking points studio. What is the purpose of having Schlesinger‘a book in the background and what kind of influence did the book had on you?

Yo, what happened to the “Something Interesting” series?

Online Validity

Hi guys I work in IT and often find it hard to care what random accounts say online. How much weight or validity do you put to accounts online? This can be added on with deep fakes, AI replicating, bots, muddying the waters.

Apple Vision Pro Review

Hit us with it Saagar! Any Pro's and Con's we haven't heard yet? Some Questions on it: Is it annoying to have to keep your hands in frame to interact? How is Typing? How is Audio handled?