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More on Science Fiction

I enjoyed your comments in the last Q&A about Sci Fi. I wanted to ask, have either of y'all checked out The Expanse (the books or the TV show)? I thought it was impressive, and it's particularly appealing to readers/viewers who are also enthusiastic about scientific and political history.

If you could have anyone dead or alive on your podcast who would it be?

I have long thought that Teddy Roosevelt on the Joe Rogan Experience would be the greatest podcast episode ever. Seeing as Teddy is dead this is of course not possible, but if you personally could interview or podcast with anyone in history who would it be?

Books on FDR last term

You guys had opinions on that last week, are there any good popular history books on that? (I am an engineer by trade and struggle with the dense analysis and obscure references) maybe some tips on that as well…

ISW - Russia prep for war w NATO

The Institute for Study of War (ISW), published their update on the Russian Offensive in Ukraine on March 20, which included assertions that Russia is preparing for a war with NATO in terms of economic and military posture In the inside the beltway gossip section, how was working at ISW when you were there? I’ve heard the working environment is not great and hours similar to investment banking but with low think tank pay. You might get access to high level officials that analysts stuck in the bowels of DoD never see, but the staff are treated pretty poorly. And no, I did not work there. Thanks lol

Book Recommendation: Cultural Revolution

Do you have any book recommendations on China's Cultural Revolution? I am specifically interested in the Red Guards. I was reading The Three-Body Problem and realized that I know very little about that era and even then, mostly about the Great Leap Forward.